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Dental clinic Dr Lopičić announces vacancy for doctor of dental medicine and dental nurse.
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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth whitened in our dental clinic at affordable price.

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Non-metal crown

Crown is made in one day by the computer software CEREC system which is the latest generation launched by German company SIRONA.

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Oral hygiene for pregnant women


During the pregnancy, dental problems may occur more often than usually. When possible, visit your dentist before pregnancy and fix all existing dental problems. During the pregnancy, teeth are more sensitive than usually what may cause faster decaying of dental tissue. Damaged gums are very painful and cause loss of your teeth. The information that teeth during pregnacy are decaying because of the lack of calcium is not correct.


Baby draws calcium from mother`s bones and not from teeth. During the pregnancy, women are having hormonal imbalance which, together with inadequate oral hygiene is the main cause for teeth decaying. Changing levels of hormones is the main reason why teeth and gums become more sensitive during pregnancy.


Oral hygiene for pregnant women


Teeth sensitivity during pregnancy causes faster teeth decaying caused by bacteria. Also, dental infections are more frequent during pregnancy. Changing levels of hormones with women during pregnancy period causes many problems, such as swollen gums and bleeding gums upon brushing.


Periodontal disease and gingivitis - treatment


Dental diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease, may occur more often with pregnant women than usual. Gingivitis is mostly caused because the food gets trapped between teeth and gums what enables bacteria to make damage in very short time. Bacteria which are formed between teeth and gums cause inflamation. Pregnant women may have very unpleasant symptoms, such as red and bleeding gums. The severity of pregnancy gingivitis usually increases in the second trimester.


If gingivitis is left untreated or if it is not adequately treated, it may lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes destruction of jaw bone and tissue. In the final stage of periodontal disease, pregnant patients may experience tooth loss and serious infections which may endanger baby`s health. In order to avoid thesse diseases, it is recommended to visit your dentist at least twice during your pregnancy. Also, it is recommended to practice proper oral hygiene before pregnancy in order to avoid dental problems during pregnancy. In case you have any dental problems during the pregnancy, you should immediately visit your dentist and fix the problem to avoid endangering your baby`s health.

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