Treatment of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease develops after complications with tooth decay. Bleeding gums are the first symptom of periodontal disease. However, patient is not usually aware of the presence of periodontal disease in its initial stage, because there are no symptoms. Patient may not be aware of the disease, until the complications start. Bacteria make 80% of dental plaque which is the cause of periodontosis.


Periodontal disease and plaques


Plaques are deposits on teeth which cannot be removed by mouthwashing only.


In order to prevent development of periodontal disease or to detect the disease on time, we advise you to visit our dental clinic Dr Lopičić. You can have your preventive dental examinations scheduled in our clinic.


Patient has to practice regular and proper oral hygiene. Otherwise, mineral salts get deposited in plaque what leads to formation of tartar. Tartar is hard and visible deposit on teeth. If teeth tartar is not removed on time it will lead to inflammation of gums. Dental tartar prevents cleaning of teeth and obstructs blood circulation. Gum inflammation is accompanied by stong pain which makes the patient refer to the dentist.


Periodontal pocket and removal of tartar


Causal therapy is applied for removal of tartar from teeth surface. Also, tartar from periodontal pockets may be removed by causal therapy. Tartar, which is invisible to eye, is being deposited in periodontal pockets. Formation of periodontal pockets is caused by neglecting the treatment of gingivitis. The space between inflamed gums and root apex is known as periodontal pocket. This inflammation is accompanied by strong pain what usually makes the patient refer to the dentist.


If you do not visit your dentist on time, the disease will get developed to its final stage causing falling out of teeth. Periodontal disease therapy does not have longterm outcome and cannot guarantee that the disease will not develop again. Regular dental examinations will help you control the disease and preserve the health of your teeth for longer time period.


Treatment of periodontal disease and laser removal of tartar


Simpler way of periodontal disease treatment, if the patient does not have complications, is removal of tartar by laser. Removal of tartar by laser is completely painless intervention. The next step is teeth polishing with brush. If the periodontal pockets are large, treatment process is little bit complicated. Curettage or surgical treatment may be often needed. Do not let this happen to you!


Take care of your teeth on time. Visit Dental clinic Dr Lopičić and schedule an appointment. For information about prices of dental services, please visit our clinic or make a phone call to phone numbers displayed on the website.

Treatment of periodontal disease

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