Teeth correction

It is never late to start with correction of irregularly positioned teeth or irregular bite. Having beautiful smile is not important just for aesthetical reasons. Nicely arranged teeth and proper bite are important for chewing on the food and for clear speech. Dentures or orthodontic appliances are recommended to all patients who have problems with irregularly positioned teeth or irregular bite.


Dentures have greater effect with children than with adults. This means that patient (adult person) has to wear certain denture for longer time period until the wanted effect is achieved. Patient has irregular bite if the upper jaw is covering the lower jaw and vice versa. In both cases, patient cannot bite properly what further has negative impacts on digestive systems. Besides problems with irregular biting and chewing, these patients have problems with clear speech.


Jaw orthopedics delas with correction of jaw deformities. Dental clinic Dr Lopičić offers examinations and consultations with dentists – specialists in orthodontics. Before the manufacturing of orthodontic appliance starts, the dentist first takes the impression of patient`s jaw, makes plaster model and analyzes the patient’s oral situation.


Fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances


Based on the jaw impression, specialists suggest the adequate solution to patient’s problem. Whether fixed or mobile orthodontic appliance will be prescribed to the patient depends on the jaw impression studied by the dental specialist. Fixed orthodontic appliances are more efficient than mobile ones because the patients wears them constantly, as opposed to mobile orthodontic appliances which patients may place and remove as wished. Mobile orthodontic appliances are more affordable than fixed ones.


There are differences between fixed orthodontic appliances. The difference is in the material used for production. There are metal and ceramic fixed orthodontic appliances. The price of metal fixed orthodontic appliances is more affordable than the price of ceramic fixed orthodontic appliances. Dental clinic Dr Lopičić has professional dentists – specialists in jaw orthopaedics who will always have adequate solution for you. Visit our dental clinic Dr Lopičić. For information about the prices of orthodontic appliances, please visit our Dental clinic Dr Lopičić or contact us by calling the phone number which is displayed on our website.

Teeth correction - Dental clinic Dr Lopičić

Dental clinic Lopičić offers employment

Dental clinic Dr Lopičić announces vacancy for doctor of dental medicine and dental nurse.
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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth whitened in our dental clinic at affordable price.

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Non-metal crown

Crown is made in one day by the computer software CEREC system which is the latest generation launched by German company SIRONA.

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