Dental clinic Lopičić offers employment

Dental clinic Dr Lopičić announces vacancy for doctor of dental medicine and dental nurse.
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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth whitened in our dental clinic at affordable price.

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Non-metal crown

Crown is made in one day by the computer software CEREC system which is the latest generation launched by German company SIRONA.

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Partial skeletal denture

Partial skeletal dentures are used to replace the teeth which are missing in the patient`s jaw. They are also known as visil dentures. They are very similar to classical partial dentures. The greatest and the most important difference is that the pressure which is made while biting, with skeletal dentures, gets transfered to the natural teeth and further to the jaw bone. Thus, the natural transmission of pressure is achieved. Natural transmission of pressure is the greatest advantage of partial skeletal denture, in comparison to other partial dentures.


Transmission of pressure to natural teeth is possible since the hooks which are used for connecting the denture to natural teeth are made for each tooth separately. Partial skeletal denture is more expensive than partial plate denture, but it is more durable and has better quality. Instead of acrylate plate which forms the base of partial plate dentures, partial skeletal dentures have metal joints. Smaller metal joints make the patient feel more comfortable and natural when wearing the denture.


When wearing partial skeletal denture, the patient feels less the foreign body in the mouth than when wearing partial plate denture. Practically, it is impossible to break partial skeletal dentures. Partial dentures are perfect solution when several teeth have to be replaced. Dental clinic Dr Lopičić offers manufacturing of partial skeletal dentures. Generally, the price for manufacturing of partial dentures is quite affordable. However, there are differences between the prices of partial dentures. Please be aware that the team of our professional dentists in Dental clinic Dr Lopičić is always at your disposal, for giving you any information or advice which you need.