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Dental clinic Dr Lopičić announces vacancy for doctor of dental medicine and dental nurse.
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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth whitened in our dental clinic at affordable price.

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Non-metal crown

Crown is made in one day by the computer software CEREC system which is the latest generation launched by German company SIRONA.

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Primary (milk) teeth


The age of six months can be taken as average eruption time of primary teeth. Generally, the average child has full set of 20 primary teeth by the age of three years. During the teething period children can be very sensitive. Gum tissue becomes more sensitive than usually what makes child discomforted. Children are mostly soothing the pain and relieving discomfort by chewing the rubber toys. However, there are some children who do not have any symptoms during the teething period. After the eruption of primary teeth, child should practice proper oral hygiene. Erupted teeth need to be washed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Primary teeth can be wiped with piece of wet gauze. You should clean outer and inner side of the primary teeth. At the age of two years, your child should start using toothbrush and special toothpaste for children. Toothpaste for children contains fluoride which helps tooth enamel grow stonger and prevents caries formation.
Children should be taught to use toothbrush properly, so that they could maintain oral hygiene of the mouth by themselves. Although the primary teeth do not last long, after certain time period they are replaced with permanent teeth, it definitely does not mean that their regular maintenance should be neglected. The tooth buds of permanent teeth are developed under primary teeth.


Pediatric and preventive dentistry – Pediatric dentist


If the child has bad and untreated tooth, the infection will be spread fast. If you allow, due to your negligence, that your child gets tooth decay, be aware that you are also increasing the possibility of permanent tooth decaying. Children should develop the habit of visiting the dentist from the early childhood. Thus, the fear of visiting the dentist would be reduced or completely gone when the child grows up.


child’s first visit to the dentist


It is recommended that the child’s first visit to the dentist should happen before his or her third birthday. At the first visit, dentist should give you important information about the health of your child’s teeth and gums and the dentist should check whether your child has proper bite. Also, it is very important to have primary teeth in regular position, because they are keeping and providing space for future permanent teeth. Be responsible and schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist the latest before his or her first birthday and prevent teeth decaying, gum diseases and improper bite in your child.

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