Gangrene treatment

Dental gangrene is tooth infection which starts if decay has been allowed to penetrate so deep to reach the tooth root pulp and damage it. The next stage of the disease is inflammation of tooth root apex which is also known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is inflammation of tooth root apex. If bacteria which cause the infection reach the tooth pulp, it is necessary to refer to your dentist and start the treatment. If the infection reaches tooth pulp, it will eventually cause it to die.


Very strong pain is associated with gangrene. Gangrene treatment in Dental clinic dr Lopičić in Podgorica is done by the expert team of dentists. First step in treatment is cleaning of the root canal by using the special flexible instruments which can follow and successfully clean the whole root canal which can be very curved.


After cleaning of the root canal, the next step is canal filling. It is also done by special machines. For information about gangrene treatment price in our Dental clinic Lopičič, please make a phone call to our clinic to the phone number which is displayed on our website. If you have this problem, we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible and avoid further complications. In our Dental clinic Dr Lopičić which is located in Podgorica you can schedule preventive dental examinations also. For information about prices of all types of services we offer, please visit our dental clinic. We recommend you to have at least two preventive dental examinations a year. You remember the old saying "Prevention is better than cure".


In case that you have tooth decay or that you allowed caries to spread to tooh root apex and cause inflammation, we recommend you to make a phone contact to Dental clinic Lopičić as soon as possible. Within the shortest possible time, our specialized dental team will give you the necessary help.

Gangrene treatment - Dental clinic Dr Lopičić

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