Dental clinic Lopičić offers employment

Dental clinic Dr Lopičić announces vacancy for doctor of dental medicine and dental nurse.
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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth whitened in our dental clinic at affordable price.

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Non-metal crown

Crown is made in one day by the computer software CEREC system which is the latest generation launched by German company SIRONA.

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Foil for teeth correction

Dental clinic Dr Lopičić proudly offers to its patients one of the latest techniques for teeth correction – foil teeth correction. Foil teeth correction is type of orthodontic teeth correction by transparent foil.


Foil teeth correction actually is correction of teeth by invisible denture. Foils for teeth correction are made by using 3D technology. First step is face digitalization. Following the face digitalization, the next step is preparation of CAD/CAM foils. Specially designed software is crucial for functioning of this tooth correction technique. Simulation of the teeth movements is done by software which enables moving of each tooth separately and its cutting in order to be moved in all possible directions.


In order to complete orthodontic teeth movement, simulations of teeth movements need to be divided according to number of foils. Each two weeks, foils should be replaced. Teeth correction foils have a lot of advantages. One of them is that CAD/CAM foils are comfortable for wearing, transparent and easy. By applying this teeth correction technique, preciseness in teeth movement is significantly increased.


Patients have the possibility, if they want, to watch teeth movements on image, video or 3D model. Patients are given in advance foils necessary for teeth correction. For information about the price of foils for teeth corrections, please visit our Dental clinic Dr Lopičić in Podgorica.